Setthakit Animal Hospital - Pet Surgery Center

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Setthakit Animal Hospital
Pet Surgery Center

Surgical treatment and correction services ensure that your "pet" is as safe as possible when performing surgery with us.

Our Services

• Surgery for patella dislocation in pets
• Hip dislocation surgery in pets
• Surgery for fractures and splints
• Pet herniated disc surgery
• Pet tumor surgery
• Pet endometritis surgery
• Surgery for hernia in pets
• Pet sterilization surgery
• Bladder stone surgery
• Surgery for foreign bodies in the pet's stomach
• Surgery to correct pet's stomach stenosis
• Pet cherry eye surgery

Contact Us
Daily : 08.00 am. – 22.00 pm.
Tel. 02-809-2372 , 02-809-1615
Line Id : @setthakit_ah
Location :

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