Pet Myrchoshif Burial Service

Implantation of a dog microchip is the injection of a small electronic component into the subcutaneous layer in the middle between the two shoulder blades of the dog. The microchip can remain in the dog's body for the rest of its life without any side effects or reactions to the body. Each microchip has a unique 15-digit identification number for each dog, which is linked to a database system that records data in three parts: 

- Information about the dog, such as gender, breed, age, color or defects, etc.
- Information about the dog, including name, contact address, and telephone number.
- Information of the agency that injected the microchip.

If the dog is missing, it is seen to be brought to the microchip installation center to check the number in the online database system. You can know your identification number and check for the owner.

What is the procedure for implanting a microchip in pet?

Owners who want to take their toe to a microchip can request it at an animal hospital or veterinary clinic.
The following documents must be prepared: 

- Copy of ID card
- Copy of house registration where the dog lives 
- Copy of id card of the landlord
- Certificate of registration of the dog
- Certificate of rabies vaccination, not older than 1 year 

After checking the authenticity of the documents, the staff will inject a microchip into the back of the neck.
A certificate of microchip implantation is issued.
Procedure for injecting microchips in pets
pet microchip reader
Animal hospital that accepts microchip injections
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