General Animal Treatment Services

Setthakit Animal Hospital supports the development of veterinary education, and the hospital team has applied their knowledge to develop both treatment and Vettech for the maximum benefit of animals. 
Online Veterinary Consultation Service (Vet Telemedicine)
If you are worried about your pet or are not comfortable traveling, we offer an online veterinary consultation via call or video call with home delivery of medicines.  (Unless there are diseases or symptoms that require a veterinary examination only)
Deposit service
The animal is sick for 24 hours.
Provides dog custody, cat care and close care for sick animals with a 24-hour veterinary team and Vettech team.
Pet Hotel
We are designed for the deposit of dogs and cats, as well as postoperative treatment,
with the idea of safety and to suit the natural needs of cats and dogs. 
 Home veterinary services
We have a team of veterinarians providing basic health check-ups and vaccinations on site.
X-ray digital and ultrasound services for pets
Imaging diagnostic tests are laboratory methods to assist in the diagnosis and determination of the cause of abnormalities in pets. 
Check up your pet's health before traveling abroad.

Pet Myrchoshif Burial Service
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